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Welcome in joining us to Singapore's first community art exhibition on
grief and loss at Plaza Singapura from 4 to 25 September 2021.

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 "I whispered into the ball after completing it. I held it in my hands and said, '

I love you, Ma'"

- J. Chai

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 "Made with love.
Delivered with memories."

- Chun Keong



Tapestries of Grief: Witnessing through Art Therapy 

is the first nation-wide community art exhibition on grief and loss.

How does grief look like? How does grief sound like?

In collaboration with 15 community partners, the exhibition features an art installation contributed by artworks from  bereaved persons and helping professionals.


The exhibition also has stories about human love and loss, as well as videos from the voices of bereaved and helping professionals who witness grief expressions.


Come join us to hear directly from bereaved persons – what do they wish to tell their loved one? What message do they have for the community in supporting a bereaved person?

Using the creative arts, participants were provided a safe space to contribute an artwork, in memory to honour and remember the person they lost.  

We believe in coming together as a community to honour diverse grief expressions and encourage compassionate conversations and actions to support a grieving person.


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How to Create a Remembrance Ball

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Through Art Therapy, a remembrance ball was conceptualized and designed
for persons in grief to:


As companions in grief, helping professionals - doctors, nurses, healthcare programme staff, social workers, art therapists, counsellors - created a yarn butterfly to:


 "The rainbow yarn represents a place in heaven. There are a lot of plants and flowers, like a garden. It's something that I think heaven will have. The butterflies represent freedom.

I miss Daddy.
I miss the good and fun times we had together.
I love him a lot and hope he is happy that he can finally be with his nanny again.

- Udelle, aged 12


 Create a remembrance ball as a family.

You don't have to grieve alone.

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In collaboration with

Create a Yarn Butterfly

"Being in silence is okay.
Our presence is good enough.
The words of comfort "it is okay to cry"... showing acceptance and non-judgement to allow the bereaved to be themselves and grieve at their own time, without having to hide their emotions. It is a slow process, there is no need to rush to achieve something or to get over it..."

-Ong Leng Hong, Art Therapist
Pacific Healthcare Nursing Home

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"A butterfly made out of yarn to experience mindfulness and presence during the weaving process"

-Chelsi Nicole Leah, Transplant Coordinator
Singapore General Hospital


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