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4 - 19 September 2021

Tapestries of Grief  is a multi-platform ‘festival’ that combines virtual talks, face-to-face experiential workshops, and a community art exhibition.

Each of us will experience the loss of a loved one in our lives, yet every one of us experiences grief differently.


Grief is unique yet universal.

Bereaved persons’ experiences are shaped not only by themselves. They are impacted by everyone who comes into contact with them – family members, friends, faith communities, neighbours, colleagues, even coffeeshop stall owners who know them by face.

Everyone helps to weave the unique tapestry of a person’s grief experience.

"Where there's life,

death is inevitable"

- Mo Yan

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What is Tapestries of Grief ?

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There are different ways of understanding, experiencing and expressing grief. We can explore our own grief through different ways – learning facts, being still, artistic expression, and many others.

The Concept

In addition, through the use of different methods, while engaging different senses, members of the public will be given the opportunity to explore the different tapestries of grief experiences.

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Tapestries of Grief reflects the uniqueness and universality of the grief experience. Each piece of tapestry is uniquely woven by different-coloured threads. Each grief experience is uniquely affected by the different encounters we have with others.

In Tapestries of Grief, we invite everyone who has lost a loved one to explore and express their grief. We give the bereaved a voice in teaching us the best ways we can support them. We learn how to weave a supportive tapestry together.

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Tapestries of Grief provides a platform for members of the public to explore and express their grief, and to learn how to support bereaved persons.

For the first time in Singapore, we highlight the bereaved’s voice and listen to their experiences in a nationwide event. By giving the bereaved a voice in sharing and expressing their grief journey, we learn how to be a compassionate community in supporting the bereaved.

For more information about Singapore Hospice Council’s GBC2021, please visit

Tapestries of Grief is held in conjunction with the 2021 Grief and Bereavement Conference (GBC). 

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Grief Matters is a movement by Montfort Care to promote bereaved-friendly practices in the community, workplaces and schools, in addition to offering personalised care to the bereaved.

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