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Witnessing through Art Therapy

The community art exhibition held at Plaza Singapura from 4 - 25 September 2021
is now available for viewing virtually. 

Join us in witnessing an art installation co-created by bereaved persons and helping professionals who created symbolic artworks, remembrance ball and yarn butterflies.

It also features a 2-part video installation, Voices of Grief and Witnesses of Grief, bringing together the voices of persons in grief and loss, and helping professionals share how can we offer and support someone grieving in the community.

Voices of Grief

How does grief look like?
How does grief sound like?
What do we wish to tell our loved one after losing them?
What is one thing to share with other bereaved persons and the community?

Witnesses of Grief

We asked founders and helping professionals providing bereavement support to share about their professional and personal experiences.

How can one offer support to a bereaved person when we feel helpless and don’t have the right words to say?

What does a bereaved person need?

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